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We are The Astro Investigators -- a group of astrologers dedicated to the scientific scrutiny of long held astrological concepts.  Our home base is West Hartford, CT, USA, and we work with colleagues spread throughout the world.

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Breast Cancer

General Data Form

5/26/2012 United Astrology Conference 2012
The ‘Gators (Astro-Investigator’s Research Group)
Vocational Astrology Research

Through the analysis of 1000 charts for each of the career fields that we chose, we were able to make some determinations to connect individual natal charts with specific careers.
8/11/2011 Gators' Newsfeed now on Facebook!
March, 2010 The Gators are just back from the NCGR conference and are updating some of our studies with new data.  Career data is here.  Marriage and cancer on the way!  Please check back!
February, 2010 The GATORS will be in Boston for NCGR's Geocosmic Alchemy!
04/16/2009 Join the GATORS!
07/22/2007 9th Harmonics:  Noviles & Binoviles for  Married Couples
05/31/2007 PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGERS -- what do they have in common?
 May 2007 Does your chart fit with the charts of 300 professional astrologers?
 July 2005 TEACHERS --is Mercury prominent?
 July 2005 Initial raw CAREER data!
 4/6/2005 Our first installment of marriage research data is here!
 2005 What astrological traits do religious people have in common??
5/20/2003 The Gators Celebrate Their First Solar Return!
5/20/2002 Astro Investigators Founded

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